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maybe i should give time for their, but i really hate their person who always dont know something….hate very much.

FOMO addiction


Review word at last week.

  1. Study hard and make progress every day. 好好学习,天天向上。
  2. Airhead 没头没脑
  3. illusions 幻想
  4. prove 证明
  5. omega male 绝世衰男
  6. cease to do 中止做什么
  7. scientific 科学
  8. experiment 实验
  9. hypothesis 假说

Happy Birthday for my old sister.



Couldn’t upload mp3 file


yesterday, I listened a song: Ten Year Diary what sounds link a Japanese sing. very nice. in fact, i want to share to you,  but the WordPress couldn’t upload mp3. T T



Today, i studied this word “airhead”. i think i should write something about me who is a airhead girl.

I’m a airhead girl.
When i wash clothes, i often forgot to put washing powder into washing machine. and washed, DS fund the money were stayed in his pants pocket. Ha ha ha…

I’m so cute.

Study hard and make progress every day.


make progress进步,向上

@Semele713, I want to use this phrase to describe this blog. Okay?